How should we prepare for the trip?

1942      29.04.2022

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One of the things that everyone thinks about when traveling is the preparation for the trip. Because one of the things that makes the holiday more comfortable and desirable is that we have all the tools and equipment we need during that period. In this regard, we must be more careful when traveling abroad than within the country. Because the trip abroad has its own requirements and conditions, without which it is impossible to rest.

First of all, we are thinking about what to take with us on the trip. First of all, it should correspond to the planned travel program. So, some prefer to travel by sea, others prefer very active travel, and of course, the contents of our suitcase should correspond to the type of travel we choose.

Regardless of the type of travel we choose first, the first thing we will take with us is our documents - a foreign passport. It should be noted that it is recommended to take a copy of the passport. Then you need to take the plane tickets (or electronic statements) and, if required, the insurance document.

The second nuance you should pay attention to is material resources. To do this, you need to take cash along with payment cards. Because in many foreign countries there may be problems when using a payment card. As a foreign currency, you can take both currencies - the euro and the US dollar.

The third is the clothes we take with us in the bag. Because it is known that we Azerbaijani women like to dress so neatly and differently, even abroad. But you should not forget the weight indicated on the plane ticket and the fact that there will be shopping places in the country you are going to, and in any case be careful. When it comes to clothing, of course, each of us has a choice. The clothes in our travel bag should match the travel program we choose. Those who go to the seaside resorts may have different clothing options, and those who go on an active trip may have another option. Here we would like to advise women who choose an active travel program to buy 2 pairs of comfortable shoes and lighter clothes in the first place. The most important thing is that your trip will be active, and in some cases you will change several cities, so that your load is not too heavy and does not bother you. Women who choose to travel by sea should provide themselves with appropriate clothing, cosmetics, especially sunscreen for this trip. In both cases, we would recommend that women who choose domestic or foreign tourism take appropriate medical supplies and hygiene items. This is necessary, first of all, so that everything is at our disposal and you do not have to search for a pharmacy and get into trouble when our travel days are necessary.

The fourth is to be aware of the weather forecast. Before the trip, learn about the weather in the country you are going to from the Internet. In this case, the most necessary clothes will be in your suitcase, and, of course, will not interfere with anything you want to have fun and do while traveling. You will choose thick or thin clothes, taking into account the change in temperature, you will determine the places and locations where you can go.

Never wait for the last moment to travel. Prepare comfortably a few days in advance. If you are planning a long trip with a child, make a list of things you will need in your spare time. Put a positive sign in front of your suitcase as you place it. This will allow you to know exactly where the preparations are.

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