Which countries can you go to without a vaccine passport?

1404      10.06.2022

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Restrictions and requirements for entry into many countries in connection with the pandemic have been lifted.

According to tourism expert Rahman Guliyev, vaccine passports are not required to enter some European countries.

"The period of rehabilitation of the tourism sector has already begun. Certain concessions have been made in the rules of entry into countries in connection with the opening of flights after mass vaccinations. With the exception of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, other European countries accept all WHO-registered vaccine passports and allow tourists to travel freely with them. In Europe, quarantine bans are lifted daily and rules are updated. Hungary and Lithuania no longer require tourists to be vaccinated or PCR tested. New rules are currently being developed in Germany and will be lifted in the coming days. Every day in European countries there is a process of mitigation of the pandemic. However, there is a problem with visas when entering European countries. Although a vaccine passport is not required at the border when traveling to the Schengen countries, a vaccine passport is also required among the documents during the visa procedure.

Guliyev also spoke about the bans on entry to eastern countries:

"PCR testing is not required for those who have a vaccine passport to enter the United Arab Emirates. In most Gulf countries, such as Iran, Jordan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, PCR testing is not required for those who have a vaccine passport when crossing the border. But those who do not have a vaccine passport must take a PCR test. If you do not have a vaccine passport when entering Central Asian countries, a 72-hour PCR test is required.

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