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Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Afiyaddin Jalilov Street, 20

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Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a personal account?

You can access your personal account by registering on our official website



How are the bonuses collected and used?

1% of the total value of any product you receive from us is returned to your balance as a bonus.

1 bonus = 1 manat

You can track the bonuses you receive in your personal account and use them as a discount on any product you will receive from us next time.

How to make payments? is there an installment payment?

You can make payments to our account through your closest Kapital Bank, Rabitabank, Pashabank.

You can pay for the product in installments in several ways.

Installment for 3-6-9 months through 1KART.
Intraday credit for 3-6-9-12 months.

Do you give a visa?

Visas are issued by the embassy to which you apply.